Advantage Steel

The Top Ten Reasons to Specify Structural Steel

  1. Large clear-span bays

    Structural steel framing easily and economically provides large clear-span bays with fewer columns, giving the owner more flexibility in planning, plant layout and operations, with accompanying operational efficiency.

  2. Ease of expansion

    Structural steel buildings can be easily expanded in any direction.

  3. Ease of operational changes

    When manufacturing processes change or are upgraded, structural steel can be easily modified and reinforced to accommodate the new requirements, even if it means additional loading or new supports for machinery and material handling equipment.

  4. Ease of reinforcement

    Standard, uniform, homogenous, prismatic structural steel shapes permit quick and efficient reinforcement for increased loadings from machinery, equipment, or manufactured product.

  5. Simplicity of design

    Structural steel members can be designed more easily than any other structural material or structural system, and later analyzed and reinforced with the same ease and simplicity.

  6. Reduced construction time

    Structural steel framing can be rapidly designed, purchased, fabricated and erected. It readily lends itself to fast-track construction.

  7. Reduced construction financing costs

    Since steel can be erected more quickly, the building can be occupied and production and distribution can begin sooner. Interest costs during construction are reduced, and cash flow from business operations begins earlier.

  8. Superior seismic performance

    Steel's ductility makes it the premier structural material for economically resisting earthquakes. An owner must consider both life safety and how much of the structure is recoverable after a seismic event. Steel framing maximizes both of these factors.

  9. High resale value

    Because of a structural steel building's ease of expansion, renovation and reinforcement for future changes and for the needs for new occupants, the value of a steel-framed building remains high.

  10. Complete recyclability

    Most steel today is recycled product, and nearly all structural steel from building demolition is recycled. This reduces demolition expenses, reduces landfill volume and helps the environment.